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I was on Google today researching dating services for people with genital warts as part of a sociological survey I am conducting and stumbled across this website http://stdcarriers.com/Default.aspx that claims to be an international registry of people with sexually transmitted diseases. Then I looked at some these reports and they all look like pissed customers, but angry ex-girlfriends listing people with genital warts and other VD. I am *** worried of ending up on this thing, what if someone I surveyed thinks I really do have genital warts or my ex-girlfriend.

I looked at their legal sections and they have a so called "12 step program" for getting your *** off by getting a STD test and mailing it in. People with genital warts have enough problems let alone being listed like a sex offender. Since when was genital warts a crime?

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It should be a crime to *** worth someone Knowing youuuu have an STD and don't tell them!!!! That is NOT love that's rude selfish andddd anyyyyyone doing that should be legally he'll accountable!!! Affect their criminal background check for their work so they stopppppp infecting their nasty diseases in innocent CLEAN people!!!


You all who post here are a bunch of *** hats! Hahaha

Olympia, Washington, United States #974107

my ex husband goes on date sites and has sex with a bunch of women with no protection he has herpes and hep b what can be done about this

Los Angeles, California, United States #957766

Eric Maricelli DOES have SEVERAL STD's and lies about it as well as his relationship situation!He's reckless and disgusting because he's selfish and only cares if he gets what he wants!

If you don't believe he has something you'll be next because he doesn't respect women either. He tosses them out like garbage as soon as he's done using them.

I am grown and taking the necessary steps to save other women from this sociopath!

Keep defending this guy and wait for your karma!You'll need this for later.


to You Are Next Olympia, Washington, United States #974109

this guy sounds just like my ex we as women need to stop these narcissism are dangerous sex addicts MY IS IS METHUSELAH JAY OSARA He is on every FREE Datesite their is he cheated on me the whole 6 years .

Los Angeles, California, United States #955524

For all of you bitter ladies making nasty comments about Eric, seriously grow up. He doesn't have stds and nor any issue "keeping it up" lol and steroid use ? smh seriously find something better to do than talk *** on the net!

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #957776

Warning other women about a habitual liar, drug abuser, womanizer, egomaniac and sociopath means we need to grow up? Hopefully, karma will come back and teach you a lesson for that one. You’ll need this for later.


to Anonymous Ohio, United States #1031067

I known Eric for over 10 years and it is shocking to read all of these negative comments and accusations against him.The Eric I know is sweet, dedicated, caring, hard working, not perfect (not one is perfect) but always willing to lend a had.

We dated over 10 years ago and not once did he made feel uncomfortable or pressure to do anything against my will, nor did he give me any STD. He definitely had no problem in the "keeping it up" department, on the contrary, it was very satisfying. He has always treated me with respect and never once raised his voice at me or used any improper language. He was and always been the a gentleman.

To this day, he has never failed to contact me on mother's day, my b-day, Christmas, thanksgiving, wedding anniversaries, my kid's b-days and pretty much every significant holiday.

We have been friend for over 10 years (yes, we remained friend after we mutually decided to stop dating) and I never saw him behave in any selfish or negative manner. These comments are troubling and hard to read, not sure what to think of it. I am a soldier's wife and like my husband, Eric have made multiple sacrifices for his family, friends and country. The Eric I have know, makes it very hard for me to believe most of the horrible comments posted here.

I do hope everyone here find some peace with their situation.I will pray for all of you.

to Soldier wife #1046505

How sweet that this deadbeat contacts your kids on all these wonderful family holidays and their birthdays but not his own biological daughter.Eric doesn't care for anyone but himself!

Almost everything written here is completely true. Since your so close why don't you go ask him how many diapers he's bought for his kids?

The truthful answer is zero.Then come back here and talk about how, "sweet, dedicated, self-sacrificing," he is....

New York, New York, United States #950733

The same Eric Maricelli infected me with genital herpes, chlamydia (twice) and HPV in 2013.If he is infected you since then he is very aware of what he is doing and is exactly what you say.

You need to get a lawyer.There are legal actions you can take to stop him and contact me at directly if you need a statement.

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