left my boyfriend after almost 5 years to be with this sexy built charming country boy. little did i know .. he was known for "*** em and leavin em" he brags about it. when we first started dating it was amazing like a fairytell. then i noticed some unusual symptoms down there and the next day i was getting checked at the health dept. he has given me clymadiyia.got that all fixed and not a month later the symptoms were back and i was back at the DR. Im knowing now that he prob cheated on me and wasnt even smart enough to wear a condom. we ended up getting engaged and he got more jealous and controlling by the day. i ended up losing my job that id had for 6 years cause i would be up all night with him. long story short we did have some good times, but this guy is CRAZY JEALOUS and i left him twice. last week being the last time...we were talking still a little and seeing if we could work things out but last night when i went to his house there was long brunette hairs on his bed. (im a blonde) he brags about how he never uses condoms and just wont. i got pregnant by him right after we got engaged and sadly had a miscarraige. but hey everything happens for a reason right :) not to mention i added him onto my car insurance and phone bill. ive went ahead and paid the 300$ insurance bill, but we cancelled the at&t and switched to sprint. I now have a 989.00 bill from att and 200 $ bill from sprint to pay YAY! not

whatever you do be careful and im warning you this one is a bad egg.

http://www.facebook.com/jeremieimafukingetitcole />


praying i dont have another STD from this ***.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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i know it may be hard for you but if i were you i would cut my losses and move on he sounds like a real *** trust me your better off without him.

Los Angeles, California, United States #955286

Eric Maricelli D.O.B.7/16/1971, currently resides off Mira Mesa Blvd in San Diego.

Burbank Airport Firefighter and USMC officer has genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. He knowingly exposes and has infected several women in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, California areas. He can't keep it up with a condom on due to years of steroid and drug abuse so he'll just give someone diseases instead so he can get his rocks off.

He's a womanizer and a liar.Someone needs to stop him!


John Griffith Nashville personal injury attorney had unprotected sex with a woman knowing he was infected with genital herpes

Pasadena, Texas, United States #728945

Please protect yourself from andrew Thomas webb he is dangerous I'm scared for my life if something happens to me please help he only had herpies right now.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #728763

Andrew Thomas webb dob 4/14/79 gave me herpies. He sleeps and eats everything I'm just thankful I didn't get hiv but once yr exposed to herpies its a gateway to get hiv easier so please use condoms


Number one why?Would you *** with anyone without using protection.This is your own FAULT.You were so eager to have this guy that you lost your sense of RESPONSIBILITY to yourself.Second how could you AIR out your BUSINESS on this post?I am so sure know one want's to hear this type of mess on this site.You are a NASTY ***.Next time use your head.You are lucky you do not have AIDS.Get checked for that also.***.You are probably just ANGRY because he left your ***.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #618867

If you were dumb enough to get engaged to him after he allegedly gave you STDs, you got everything you deserved.

to anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #973572

No one "deserves" to be infected with STDs. Victims often return to narcissists due to years of abuse. This is the most ignorant statement I've ever read.

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