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I was on Google today researching dating services for people with genital warts as part of a sociological survey I am conducting and stumbled across this website that claims to be an international registry of people with sexually transmitted diseases. Then I looked at some these reports and they all look like pissed customers, but angry ex-girlfriends listing people with genital warts and other VD. I am *** worried of ending up on this thing, what if someone I surveyed thinks I really do have genital warts or my ex-girlfriend.

I looked at their legal sections and they have a so called "12 step program" for getting your *** off by getting a STD test and mailing it in. People with genital warts have enough problems let alone being listed like a sex offender. Since when was genital warts a crime?

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1 day ago New York, New York

The same Eric Maricelli infected me with genital herpes, chlamydia (twice) and HPV in 2013. If he is infected you since then he is very aware of what he is doing and is exactly what you say. You need to get a lawyer. There are legal actions you can take to stop him and contact me at directly if you need a statement.

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Kat Owens

Feb 21 Ramona, California

Kat Owens in Ramona California works at Goodwill and likes to date married men twice her age, old enough to be her father. She's ugly as they get and infested with a rage of STD's including genital herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. She pursues, chases and infects men in committed relationships then runs away like a coward she is when confronted for being a home wrecker.

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Victim of Maricelli

Feb 21 Los Angeles, California

Eric Scott Maricelli D.O.B. 7/16/1971, Burbank Airport Firefighter and USMC officer has genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. He knowingly exposes and has infected several women in the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, California areas. He can't keep it up with a condom on due to years of steroid and drug abuse so he'll just give someone herpes instead so he can get his rocks off. He's a womanizer and a liar. Someone needs to stop him!

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Feb 07

Well I was with someone who was making me "exclusive" he gave me HPV works for a Tech company B-r-b-n-s Networking very shady , shady and *** up....

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Feb 03 Milton, Washington

Kischa McGee of Tacoma has a slew of stds bc she's a hooker that gets *** by dirty men without a rubber

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Jan 24


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Jul 17, 2014

I'm tossed with this,I don't think public should make list,I watch Maury so many times people lie they know they slept with 20 people,but they want to put the blame on one...people can be dirty..

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Jul 10, 2014 New York, New York

Alfonso-Lucio Vigliotti, financial advisor with Liberty Partners Capital Management has genital herpes. Allie Lindh of Wealth Management Centers, LLC also has genital herpes.

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Aug 25, 2014 New Jersey, United States

Just happened to know them both by chance. They r both shady, sleazy and disgusting. Tried 2 make me for 3some. Glad me didn't. Stay away from them now. Got to watch out to protect yourself guys.

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Sep 10, 2014 Brooklyn, New York

Alfonso Vigliotti gave me herpes too. Just for your own record. I had encountered for a short period. He is a total liar as well as Allie Lindh too. I think they both work for Liberty partners financials. STAY AWAY. If you are in Midtown East Manhattan.. watch yourself. I learned my lessons.

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Nov 27, 2013 Nashville, Tennessee

John Griffith, Nashville personal injury attorney has had sex with women and has genital herpes. One woman even asked him if he had any stds before sex and he lied and said no.....I thought personal
injury attorneys fought for justice.

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Nov 16, 2013

Erik and Sonya Carlson - HEP C....

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Oct 13, 2013 Pasadena, Texas

Andrew Thomas webb dob 4/14/1979. This guy gave me herpies checkout there's a pic of him

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Oct 13, 2013 Pasadena, Texas

Andrew thomas webb dob 4/14/1979 has herpies and gave it to me I saw a sore on his *** he said it was rash I took the hsv1 and 2 it came out neg but when she ran the igg which is more accurate it said I was exposed to herpies and the dr said I might never get an outbreak but if I do I have to come in for a culture on the sore. I wish I would have stop seeing him sooner I possibly would have never caught it from him I have dr records and he was the only man I was with he's nasty and he sleeps wiyh everything and eats everything he can get take yr chances with him I'm just so thankfull I didn't get hiv from him

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The Wifey

Jul 29, 2013 Plano, Texas

Chez Ringer has herpes, and he won't tell you.

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The ExWifey

Jul 29, 2013 Austin, Texas

He's living in the Austin area ladies, run away!

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Jul 19, 2013 Beaverton, Oregon

Willie or Waleed Houdroge male 45 years old of Portland Oregon runs PDX Hookah bar and Construction co, has HERPES!

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Jul 15, 2013 Cape Coral, Florida

Maybe Sullivan meant well, when he started his crusade? If only he wouldn't have resorted to alleged extortion.
I have an ex who doesn't take precautions and i tried to tell him he could give people cervical cancer and throat cancer but he would not hear of it. Girls can sue if he gives them stds but who will save them from the shame and heart ache? I wish there were a way to warn girls of people like him. I came across this but the link is broken "this person is very forgetful .. accused his partner..done himself" stdcarriers

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guy you slept with

Jun 21, 2013

Diane Jouan who works at body tech in Saskatoon Sk not only spread chlamydia but is also a carrier of Herpes

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Jun 14, 2013 Pinellas Park, Florida

Keith M Kuruc Has Herpes. He has had it for the last year. He has been on craigslist posting in m4w. He doesn't use condoms at all and has been with more woman then I know of. Here is his facebook so you know what he looks like.

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